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AEP students of TUAF studying at Sebelas Maret University (UNS) - Indonesia

Each person has a particular dream. To make this one come true, they have a lot of choices and have to pursue it in their own way. Especially, becoming an overseas student is a great aspiration of many students. And studying abroad was also my wish when I was a child. Fortunately I achieved it. Right now I still cannot believe that I am studying in Indonesia- a beautiful country that is so far away from my family and dears.

Trung Anh and Trung are my companions of this journey. We had a long trip and a restless night in Jakarta Soekarno-Hatta International Airport. It’s right to say that anyone may has indescribable feelings when going to a new country. To us, these ones were so special from the airplane when we overlooked this country. At the first sight, Indonesia just appeared with the light of fishing-boat as a small bright spot. Finally Jakarta City shone brilliantly like radiance at night. It was really difficult to describe my feeling at that time. Therefore I quickly took a photo to keep that great moment that was my initial good impression about Indonesia.

Honestly, when I was preparing to come here, I did not feel anxious about living far away from my family and friends. On the contrary, I was eager to discover a famous archipelago of more than 17,000 islands, a new culture and life. Until I set my feet in the Adi Soemarmo International Airport Solo, I really felt worried. “I am standing in a new country and a really strange living environment. So how about my life in the next months? ” I asked myself. This thinking was around inside my head. But it was lucky since Ali and Annisa, the UNS students, recognized us quickly and picked us up from the airport. 


With a slogan “Solo, the spirit of Java”, is well-known as the city of culture and the capital of batik. Indonesian people are very friendly. They usually wave hello to us when we meet them. Our new Indonesian friends are also kind and pleasant. When we first came here, they helped us buy some stuffs, exchange money, and settle down. This made me not to be a fish out of water. Moreover, I like the weather here since it is sunny but not too hot. 
Currently I am studying in Sebelas Maret University (UNS) that is a university with nice and large campus with a lot of trees. Auditoriums and head office buildings built with many storeys and modern facilities but still keeping their traditional beauty could be seen. Especially I was impressed by many medals and achievements displayed in faculty offices that the UNS students won in various competitions. 
What’s more, I had a familiar meeting with the Rector of UNS and other students who come from 20 countries in the world. After that UNS organized a trip for international students to visit and together learn  about the ancient culture of two old Indonesian temples. We also had a chance to play in a beautiful waterfall. This nice and enjoyable trip was an opportunity for us to make friends and to understand more about other peer students. We, the students, seemed to be a big family with members who have different skin colours, languages and cultures. Probably I will never forget all of those great memories.
I have achieved part of my dreams though having a lot of challenges ahead. A bright future is expected. Thus, what I have to do now is studying hard and making a lot of step-by-step efforts. My gratitude is given to all teachers and staffs of the Advanced Education Program at TUAF for helping me make my wish come true.
                                                                                                             Nguyen Thi Bao Anh


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