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Badminton tournament for staffs to celebrate the success of Trade union Congress at TUAF

September 29, 2012---the University union held a Badminton tournament for its staff to celebrate the success of Trade union Congress-Thai Nguyen University of Agriculture and Forestry on its nineteenth term for the year 2012-2015.

The opening ceremony was attended by Dr Tran Van Dien- Rector of the University; Associate Prof.Dr Nguyen Ngoc Nong- Secretary of  Party Committee, Vice Rector of the University; Prof. Dr. Tran Van Phung-Vice rector of the University and the leaders of departments,  faculties and centers in the university.

The tournament was joined by 136 athletes from 21 units in total. They had competed in six rounds  according to round-robin and knockout rounds that were in Men’s doubles leader, Men’s double with high achievement, Mixed double with high achievement, Men’s double movement, Women’s double Movement and Mixed double movement.

After the 96 exciting and thrilling matches with the cheering of the fans, the committee finally found the winners for each contests:

-         First place for  Men’s doubles :Hung-Vinh  (Faculty of Forestry)

-         First place for mixed doubles with high achievement :Viet-Thu (Office of Science Management and International Affairs)

-         First place for Men’s double with high achievement :Cuong – Hong (Academic Affairs Office)

-        First place for Men’s double: Quan-Quang (Faculty of Basic Sciences)

-        First place for Women's doubles movement: Oanh-Nguyen (Faculty of Agronomy)

-        First place for mixed doubles: Khuyen-Lan (Faculty of  Basic Science)

First place winners for Mixed Doubles Movement

First place winners for Men’s double Movement

First place winners for Women’s double movement

First place winners for Mixed double with high achievement

First place winners for Men’s Double with high achievement

This Badminton tournament has been recorded as the first which has the most number of athletes competing in the University. It implies that Badminton tournament for staffs of Thai Nguyen University of Agriculture and Forestry has become a top tournament and is used as a useful ground for staffs and members to exchange ideas and learn from each other and to build solidarity between the unions.

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