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English week 2012: A story of success

The use of English Language is very important among students. It is an opportunity for them to enhance their speaking, reading, writing and listening skills which are the five important skills that needs to be mastered. Therefore, students must not only practice it during school hours but also in every conversation regardless of place and time

A consistent use of the English Language will ensure that at their tender age, they will be able to inculcate the essential skills needed. It is also focused on encouraging the students in all levels to appreciate the value of communicating and how fun it is. Therefore, As part of the Advanced Education Program’s academic objective, the Filipino students organized an English Week 2012 with the theme: “Speak English: Access the World”. The said event was participated by the Students from the TUAF-Faculty of Forestry, the International School, the International Training Center and the Advance Program. 

Faith and hard work made this team as solid as they are now.

There are several objectives of these program based on the activities planned throughout this English Week. Each activity was carefully planned and reviewed by the organizers and was approved by the AEP Office. The said event includes competitions designed to respond to the needs of the students in learning the English Language. The events were as follows: 1.) Spelling Bee 2.) Quiz Bee 3.) Oratorical Contest (Public Speaking Contest) 4.) Vocal Solo (Singing Contest) 5.) Essay-writing Contest 6.) Poster-making Contest (Drawing Contest) and 7.) Mr. and Ms. Advance Education Program.

The male candidates for Mr. AEP on their slick formal suits

Our modest female candidates on their formal wear

Lovely pairs, aren’t they?

Indonesian friends having a good time

K42-CTTT students prepared for their performance.

A message from our beloved Mr. Ha Minh Tuan

A fierce pose from our candidates 

Question and answer portion 

Let’s pop and lock with our breakdance crew

Debut performance of K42-CTTT All-girl dance group

Our candidates strike and shoot champion poses on their sports wear

Everyone sang-along with Huan of K42-CTTT

A duet performance from Duy and Thai 

Let's fly with K42-CTTT international students on their cover of Simple Plan’s “Jetlag”

An incredible rap performance with Hieu and Quan of the AEP

“Mot, hai, ba, Chengtor!!!” for Cheng’s heart-warming performance of the song, “The way you look at me”

Ma’am Magpily, Ms. Fanny and Shelah, awarding the winners for the Public Speaking Contest

R. and Ms. Advanced Education Program, Nguyen Duc Hai and Luu Thi Thuy Linh

The creative artists of our Poster Making Contest with Mr. Tuan and Bonifacio

Smart students of the Quiz Bee Contest with Ms. Trishia, Ms. Vanessa and Camille

Dr. Nguyen The Hung awarding “The Voices” of the Singing Contest with Paul Angel

Kien, Tika and Rina proudly giving winner smiles

This first English Week boomed huge success for everyone. All students participated actively in each contest that gave way to the great outcome of the said activity.

After this 2-day celebration of English language, students experienced great improvement on their writing, reading, and communication skills. They also developed their confidence standing on stage and speaking intelligently in public. Likewise, everyone enjoyed so much fun sharing their company and developing camaraderie to all students within the four participating departments.
In addition, the administrating committee and all students are looking forward for other excellent activities that could contribute to the enhancement of themselves particularly their skills.
List of Contest Winners/Category:
Contests 1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place
Quiz Bee Kartika – K42-CTTT Tran Minh Tu (Teddy) - ITC Doan Duc Phuc (Peter) – K43-CTTT
Spelling Bee Rina Indriyani – K42-CTTT Dong Thi Linh Chi – K43-CTTT Nguyen Minh Thang (Victoria) – ITC
Tran Minh Tu (Teddy) – ITC
Essay Writing Contest Nguyen Thi Thuy Linh – Faculty of Forestry Nguyen Minh Thang (Victoria) – ITC Dinh Thi Thu Linh (Liz) – ITC
Vocal Solo (Singing Contests) Chengtor Hwa Purba Huan – K42-CTTT Diem (Grace) – K44-CTTT
Oratorical Contest (Public Speaking Contest) Nguyen Dong Ca (John) – International School Nguyen Thanh Tan (Jessica) – K42-CTTT Nguyen Thi Thuy Linh – K41-Faculty of Forestry
Poster Making Contest ( Drawing Contest) Group 7 - ITC
Dinh Thi Thu Linh
Tran Tam An
Nguyen Minh Thang
Vuong Phuong Thao
Group 5 – K42-CTTT
Nguyen Hong Kien
La Thi Thuy
Do Xuan Bang
Mua A Sua
Group 8 – ITC
Nguyen Nhu Long
Tran Minh Tu
Huy (James)
Linh (Kerlin)
Group 10 – K43-CTTT
Duong Thi Linh Chi
Vu Viet Quan
Pham Thai Ha
Nguyen Thi Thao
Group 11 -  K42-CTTT
Chengtor Hwa Purba
Group 12 – K42-CTTT
Vu Thi Hoai
Nguyen Duc Hai
Nguyen Binh Minh
Le Anh Tu
Mr. & Ms AEP Ms. Luu Thi Thuy Linh
Mr. Nguyen Duc Hai
Ms. Tran Thi Dieu Ly
Mr. Xayalack Lasy
Ms. Tran Thi Minh Ha
Mr. Khuong Nam Thai

The stunning candidates of the Mr. And Ms. AEP 2012 on their smiling faces with Angelica, Kien and Mr. Hoang

At the end of this program, we could definitely say that the benefits are more than just academics. The sleepless nights, the hard work and all the efforts was worthy of the success. What we value here most is the bond of friendship we had that was built through the times. We are all looking forward for another series of successful events in the Advanced Education Program. Thanks for your support and more power!
Author: -Filipino Students of Advanced Education Program


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