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“Environmental analysis using GIS” with Dr. Katrin Broemme

The Advanced Education Program of Thai Nguyen University of Agriculture and Forestry always takes good care of the life and the learning of students as well. They always try to find the best lecturers and professors from Thai Nguyen University and also from other partner universities in the world where it established a good relationship.

During the period of March 3 – 21 in 2015, ‘SPRING SCHOOL” program which consists of the four topics  related to Environmental Science Management organized by University of Greifswald and Thai Nguyen University of Agriculture and Forestry. One of the four topics was Introduction to Geographical Information System or GIS.  K44-AEP students continue having a chance to study the subject “Environmental analysis using GIS” with Dr. Katrin Broemme. She is a Project Manager of RAME Research Association Mining and Environment in Vietnam. She has much experience of teaching in her 10 year-living in Vietnam and in fact that her Vietnamese is very fluent. Therefore when she teaches, she is able to explain very well and also help students more when they cannot understand deeply because GIS is a little bit difficult and includes different steps that K44 students have to do. The class includes lectures and practical activities. For students, the experience is surely a great opportunity to grow. Besides, studying the “ Environmental analysis using GIS” makes the students now have more knowledge  about the vital role of Geographical Information System and how this learning can be very helpful in administering environmental issues at present time, learn the idea of modeling the world from geographic information and how to use the tool of GIS in solving the problems of the environment, use the idea to propose improvements in Water Resources Management and also be associated in response to climate change and adaptation, pollution and others. For instance, the Planning and Decision Support Tools allow an analysis and visualization of the water management situation in the project area and Using the Ranking Tool, enable the user to derive measures for Water Management Units with the priority need for an action and or strategic planning. 

Dr. Katrin Broemme with K44-AEP​

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