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Evaluating detriment because of climate change at Cam Duong, Lao Cai

Climate change has dramatically affected lives of Lao Cai in general and of Cam Duong – one of the 5 rural districts in particular. Flood and erosion have been two primary kinds of natural disasters at this area in recent time. In addition, residents also face other different natural disasters such as damaging cold, drought, or hurricane, these have considerably affected living and producing activities. Groups of resettlement and farmers are directly resulted of the climate change. These two groups are mostly low income families and reside in the area of poor infrastruture, and thus, their adaption with climate change is still limitted. Those detriments at Cam Duong now and in the future not only depend on intensity and frequency of different kinds of natural effects but also on other factors such as leverl of understanding; regular income; quality of infrastructure; social services, change of population structure and economic sectors.
Keywords: climate change; natural disasters; community


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