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First exchange activity between TUAF, TNUT and FTU

In two days 18-19/5/2012, Thai Nguyen University of Agriculture and Forestry (TUAF) hosted an exchange program between three Advanced Education Programs from TUAF, Thai Nguyen University of Technology (TNUT) and Foreign Trade University (FTU).

At 6 pm, the students of FTU walked to dormitory K3 of TUAF while the gate of dormitory was already opened to welcome their bus. When I asked them for the reason, they said they simply wanted to walk. Close and friendly feeling spreads among us. Every people fought their bags and stabilize quickly without any complaints after a long journey to reach TUAF. Laughters and talks gave the dormitory more fun and excitement. A student from FTU even played guitar immediately. These things cleared my prejudices that Hanoi students will not be friendly to our student here.

International night
The international night started at 8:30 pm with the boisterous atmosphere. First impression came from  the warm welcome from TNUT, then the introduction about the delegation, and last but most amazing were performances from participant universities.

Great songs from TUT

Interesting songs and games from FTU

An impressive performance from TUAF

Beatbox of TUAF students

The international night was a very useful and interesting playground to us. It were the great evidence of the solidarity and the learning among students. That was a chance for the students of TUAF, FTU and TNUT to exchange, learn and enhance mutual  relationship.

Campus tour
            8 am of the next day, all TNUT students attended in the conference room to listen to an introduction about TUAF. Before starting, we listened to an amazing song “Ha Noi nong nan” by a boy-trio from FTU. After that we introduced to TUT students about the two traditional faculties such as faculty Agronomy and faculty of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Medicine as well as the key Faculty of Natural Resource and Environment of our school. During the trip, we also introduced to the Advanced Education students about some experimental and research centers of our university which contribute great deal in the development of agriculture and forestry of the Northern Mountainous region of Vietnam. We were so proud when informing to our friends about the outstanding achievements and also salient features of our university. After the site visit, we all enjoyed lunch at the school canteen. The hot weather in the canteen could not prevent the close and friendly relationship between students and between students and teachers. After lunch, all the students came back the dormitory for rest, however, we played many games which had brought us the happy and unforgettable time.
            Thanks to careful preparation from participant universities, the exchange program was completely successful and gave us memorable time at TUAF. We all look forward to having more events like this for deeper understanding and close unity between all the universities especially universities with Advanced Education Programs.

                                                                                                              Author: Hong Kien- Mui Tung-Pham Tung



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