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GIS Course to map the world and the future

Dr. Jorg Hartleib from University of Greifswald delivered the course Introduction to GIS to K44 students, Advanced Education Program of International Training and Development Center, Thai Nguyen University of Agriculture and Forestry during the period March 10 – 15, 2015 which is one of the four topics in Spring School related to Environmental Science Management, organized by University of Greifswald and Thai Nguyen University of Agriculture and Forestry.

The class includes lectures and practical activities. It was an overwhelming experience on the part of the students of Advanced Education program to have gained knowledge directly from the actual scientists, and in this time, from a group of geologist, geographers and experts from University of Greifswald Germany. A kind of perspective that changes the minds of young individuals and get necessary skills and knowledge needed in order to be effective in servicing the environmental protection as the responsibility to contribute to changes will begin with each and every one of us.

For students, the experience was surely a great opportunity to grow, the spring school allowed them to gain more awareness on how valuable the application of GIS abilities in order to solve the current challenges our world is facing today such as in case of Vietnam. How the knowledge can be a relevant tool in decision making processes in many fields to optimize the planning procedures and in solving critical issues concerning environmental protection and many other aspects towards positive sustainability.

The students were given a good start of understanding the vital role of Geographical Information System and how this learning could be very helpful in administering environmental issues at present times, learn the idea of modeling the world from geographic information, information systems, history, functions and examples of applications in environmental management and many other disciplines. It offers solutions for better establishing important plans, procedures and strategies intended for decision making processes, how the ecosystem is changing due to natural and most of the times direct human impacts to environment, assessment of footprints and biodiversity hotspots. GIS can also be used to proposed improvements on Water Resources Management and at the same time can be associated in response to climate change, pollution and others. The goal is to be able to put the knowledge into real practice in full support to the aim of spring school which is to develop joint and long-term cooperation in teaching and research in direction of environment protection and management since TUAF started the Spring School, a cooperation program between Thai Nguyen University Vietnam and University of Greifswald Germany.


Prepared by: Jimlea Nadezhda A. Mendoza

K44 AEP Student- ITC, TUAF

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