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Introduction of Internship Programs to students from Thai Nguyen University of Agriculture and Forestry.

Currently, Thai Nguyen University of Agriculture and Forestry is offering three internship programs in Israel, USA and Japan for students, including:
  • The aims of the internship programs: to send senior students newly graduated to farms and factories of modern models in agricultural production and high technologies through “learning by doing” method in order to practice. 
  • Content of the programs: Students will be doing internship for 11 months in Isreal and in 12 months in USA and Japan. Students are offered chances to visit models of agricultural production of farms throughout the countries.

In Israel: Theoretical classes with visit and guide to internship are offered once a week, and and 5 days per week of work. 


In the US and Japan: 6 days per week of work.



- To practice and to improve English, as well as to learn advanced and modern knowledge about agricultural production such as: technology of planting vegetable, fruit-trees and flowers; breeding and protecting domestic animals and managing farm economy; etc.

- To approach and exchange with various cultures from the Philippines, Australia, USA, Canada, Thailand, Laos and Myanmar, etc.

- To receive an income of about 800-1000$ per month.

- To be award a certificate upon completion.

Challenges: one of the largest barriers to students attending the program is their limited English level. The students wishing to attend those programs should improve English and major knowledge from the beginning of university. Being proficient in major knowledge and English brings successful abroad internships and also better job opportunities in the future.

Contact: For more information, please visit: ( International Relation Dept), or call : 3 852 884; Mrs.Thu’s number phone: 0914 598 895; Email:

Register: Senior students can download application form here and send to: to register for the programs. 

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