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Keele University (UK) to work at school.

On morning March 9, 2012, University of Agriculture and Forestry warmly welcomed Mrs. Helen from Keele University,- United Kingdom to work with the school. Through the meeting, the two universities have agreed to sign a memorandum cooperation on the following areas:

- Exchanging lectuers and students in studying and researching between the two schools.

- Exchanging information and publications in the field of education and research.

- Other areas of cooperation that are agreed between the two universities.

During the discussion, both parties agreed to prioritize the previous contents such as University of Agriculture and Forestry will send the 3rd year students of  the Advanced Education Program to study at Keele University in form of credit transfer  between two schools. Keele University will send students to study Vietnamese at University of Agriculture and Forestry in summer courses.

The signing memorandum of understanding with Keele University- ,school ranks number 32 in United Kingdom , marks a major turning point of the University in expanding cooperation with prestigious   universities worldwide. It is also an opportunity for  lecturer and students to take part in the exchange and learning activities in United Kingdom.

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