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List of National Approved Research Projects

Every year, The University has been granted various research projects funded and managed at national, ministry, provincial levels. So far, the University has been conducting 16 national approved research projects of which many projects are in cooperation with foreign partners.

Approved in 2009                  

  • Research on producing wood glue by addapting Japanese technology - Assoc.Prof. Dr Dang Kim Vui

Approved in 2010                  

  • Growing  and exploiting some local fermented plants for specialty wine production -Assoc.Prof. Dr Dang Kim Vui
  • Exploiting the genes of Vietnamese white horses - Prof. Dr. Nguyen Quang Tuyen
  • Research on transgenic soyal beans for insect resistance - Assoc.Prof. Dr Ngo Xuan Binh
  • Research on preventing and controlling greening disease and testing new varieties of orange in Ham Yen, Tuyen Quang - Assoc. Prof. Dr Dao Thanh Van

Approved in 2011                  

  • Research on growing cassava for starch production and biofuel materials -    Prof. Dr. Tran Ngoc Ngoan
  • Research on methos for nitrogen rate prescription for corn using digital image analysis - Assoc. Prof. Dr Nguyen The Hung
  • Applications of biotechnology in selecting the varieties of Rutaceae with high yield and quality to contribute to poverty reduction and socio-economic development of mountainous regions in Northern Vietnam - Assoc. Prof. Dr Nguyen Huu Hong
  • Exploiting the genes of H’mong cows - Assoc. Prof. Dr Tran Hue Vien
  • NAFOSTED – Research on sexual reproduction concerning “Self-discordness” in Rutaceae - Assoc. Prof. Dr Ngo Xuan Binh
  • NAFOSTED – Research and analysis of Quantitative Trait Loci on cold resistibility of Oryza sativa L and applications of MAS in selecting cold-resistible breed of Oryza sativa L. - Dr. Dang Quy Nhan

Approved in 2012                  

  • Exploiting the genes of Rutaceae (Dai Minh grapefruits, Sen tangerine) originating from Yen Bai Province - Dr. Nguyen The Huan
  • Research on growing high yield and quality sorghum to produce bio-ethanol for the midland and mountainous regions of Northern Vietnam - Dr. Hoang Thi Bich Thao
  • Research on producing the recombinant antigen for kit-set production to discover Trypanpsoma SSP causing diseases to cattles in Vietnam - Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Thi Kim Lan
  • Research on theoritical and practical basis for planning growing area for high quality Oolong and green tea in Thai Nguyen - Dr. Nguyen Viet Hung
  • Research on some technical and organizing solutions for and building models for safe vegetables and fishery production in Thai Nguyen - Dr. Nguyen Thi Thuy Ha

List of National Approved Research Projects in 2013

List of National Approved Research Projects in 2014

List of National Approved Research Projects in 2015





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