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My memorable time in the Philippines

Each time when I listen to the lyrics of the Filipino song called “sa isang sulyap mo by 143 ”, which I like the most when I was studying in the Philippines, there are myriads of beautiful memories rushing back and I think that I will never forget them in my life.

There are many good friends, teachers, all people who lived around the school, and Vietnamese overseas students in the Philippines. I can say that people here are very friendly, pleasant and sociable. They love music and usually like socializing. This is the first university which I feel cultural and sports activities are highly expected by all students. I was lucky because the time I studied there coincided with the university anniversary and the sporting week. They had a lot of interesting festivals like Water Splashing Festival. If you do not want to get wet, do not leave the house in that day.

The study program was very comfortable. We were given ample time for self-studies. Each day we only spent 3-4 hours learning in class. In fact, I like experimental subjects the most. I still remembered the day when I looked very handsome in a new outfit because we practiced outdoor in another locality. However, I had to untie my shoes at last when I waded through the mud to conduct our survey. Eventually I went home with muddy legs.
The teachers here love their students very much. One day I was sitting at the school gate with some friends, a teacher came and asked me “how is your study?”, “are you acquainted with the life here?” and “do you have any difficulties?”. Although he did not teach me, he shared some experiences of other students for me and gave advice on subjects. Especially, he kindly helped me to register subjects for the following semester.
I remembered that once I visited UP, I was really charmed with its beauty. The University seems like a green city. Everything is fantastic. There are many places to visit on campus such as bank, museum, laboratory, cafeteria, and entertainment area… In order to visit around the University you should go by car since the campus is very large. 
If you like seafood, you should go there. There is a big and wonderful seafood store near UP. I called it “siren store”.
Whoever you are, a religious person, or a nature lover, there are two places which you cannot ignore if you like discovering and traveling.
There are many statues of the Lord in Lucban Quenzon. All of those would tell you about the life of Jesus from birth to death.
Butterfly farm
Many kinds of butterflies live there. They are raised and protected.
If you like shopping or entertaining, you should visit Mall of Asia there.
There are some places where I visited. If you would like to go there, there are many areas you must visit and explore. It’s a pity that I studied there in a rather short period of time. However, I am sure that I will go back there whenever I can.
Recently my Filipino friends and teachers visited our University of Agriculture and Forestry. I was very surprised and happy to see them again. Since they had only 4 days of stay in Thai Nguyen city, while I was attending class every day, so I could not take them to go around our University campus as well as Thai Nguyen city, but I want to thank with all my heart to them. I hope that our university will have more and more students from other countries in the region to give the students a good learning environment.
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