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Office of Education Quality Assurance

Office of Education Quality Assurance are to consult and assist the University Rector to carry out Education Quality Assurance Affairs



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Nguyễn Đức Thạnh




Trần T Thanh Tâm

Vice Director



Nguyễn Duy Hoàng




Đinh Thị Minh Hảo




Ngô Thị Ánh Ngọc



1. Functions and missions :

The functions of the Testing & Education Quality Assurance

The function of the  office is to consult and help Rector manage and organize the Education Quality Assurance in the university.

2.  Missions:

2.1.  Missions of testing

  • Supporting  rector  to guide and deploy new guidelines, policies and regulations of Ministry of Education and Thai Nguyen University  in the field of inspection.
  • Advising, proposing  the rector to develop guidelines for inspection. Guiding, directing, monitoring and  inspecting about implementation of inspecting  documents,
  • Cooperating with  office of academic affairs to guide  faculties to implement  examination regulations of Ministry of Education  as well as the specified regulations of Thai Nguyen University in order to ensure the fairness and objectivity.
  • Guiding and urging  to build exam bank for paper exams, oral exams and question bank for multiple choice exams.
  • Cooperating with  office of academic affairs issue specific regulations about testing management and announcement of test and exam  results.
  • Managing exam bank (paper exams, oral exams and multiple choice exams), organizing  exam collection and copying exams for all subjects of university.
  • Participating in admissions of the university
  • Monitoring and testing the organization, approval of records, enrollment,  certificate and degree assurance organized by the university.
  • To learn from experiences (lesson learned) , assessment the exam and testing in the university.
  • Organizing discussions to learn from experience, evaluating testing and examination in the university (once a semester).

2.2. The mission of ensuring the quality of education.

  • Helping the  rector to direct, deploy and implement  policies,  regulations of Ministry of Education and Training to ensure the quality of education.
  • Advising for  rector to construct the strategic planning, the content of qualitative assurance and qualitative management, declare the missions of the  university, define the itinerary to ensure the quality of education.
  • Guiding the faculty,   related offices to deploy and implement the education quality assurance plan in each  unit according to  the program of Thai Nguyen university and the  itinerary of Ministry of Education and Training.
  • Making plans and  organizing training, making professional training  for the staff of faculties and  related offices  about education quality assurance. 
  • Guiding and implementing quality assurance ,  acquiring,  accumulating , collecting and  improving evidences , consulting for  rector the method to raise the education quality  to  suit with criteria of quality assurance.
  • Organizing  evaluation, learning from experiences about the  education quality assurance  in the  university (once per six month).

B.  Responsibilities of units in the field of testing & education quality assurance

1. Testing

1.1. Responsibility of the office of academic affairs :

Guiding  departments to implement seriously  regulations of the Ministry of Education and Training, the stipulations of TNU and the University about examination and testing.

         Coordinating  with  office of  Education Quality Assurance to check the  eligibility  of students to take part in exams in    accordance with the regulations.

Supervising the organization of  final exams in accordance with regulations of the Ministry of Education and Training, TNU and regulations of the University.

Guiding the design of written and  multiple-choice test bank under the general process of TNU.

Participating in professional training courses and organizing the training for  lecturers in faculties about inspection.

Appointing officials in charge of inspection at the unit.

Testing, evaluating and learning experience about inspection at the unit, reporting results for the University executive board  through  Office of Inspection and Education Quality Assurance (once a semester)

1.2. Quality Assurance

Offices of Academic affairs and faculties shall:

Help the  rector to implement the legal document related to  the quality assurance of the Ministry of Education, TNU; form the cultural quality of education among  lecturers,  staffs and students of  the university.

Advise the rector  to make the content of education quality assurance;  form  the itinerary about quality assurance in the university in accordance of the itinerary of TNU and Ministry of Education and Training.

Guide and organize to implement the work content, accumulate documents and evidences for self-assessment and prepare to join the quality assurance program of TNU and Ministry of Education and Training.

Participate in training courses or professional training about quality assurance.

Apppointing professional staffs who have responsibility for quality assurance at the unit.

Reviewing and learning from experiences of the inspection and education quality assurance in every 6 months


Contact Address: 
Office of Education Quality Assurance

Thai Nguyen University of Agriculture and Forestry

Quyet Thang Ward, Thai Nguyen City

Tel: 02803 654.685      Website:




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