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Office of Planning and Finance

Office of Planning and Finance was established under Decision No. 1126 December 19, 2011 of Rector of Thai Nguyen University. The Office includes 02 managers (1 manager and 1 deputy manager to hold chief accountant) and 10 staffs, in which 9 staffs in charge of financial accounting and 01 staff of planning.

1. Functions

  • The Planning - Finance  office is an advisory unit and assists the Rector in performing organization and management of planning, finance, property and accounting of the  university; Performing the management and effective use of financial resources of the university under the provisions of the State.

2.  Missions.

* Planning, development strategy

  • Coordinating with the  other units to plan development strategies of the university
  • Designing annual plans for the activities of the school.

* Finance and Accounting

  • Designing the annual budget planning, financial planning in medium and long term by the university .
  • Establishing  regulations on financial management and internal expenditure oriented implementation of the financial autonomy of the university.
  •  Designing  a plan allocating funds for units in the university  and guiding units   using allocated fundsunder the regulations and cost norms.
  • Checking and implementing the revenues, expenditures, payment and settlement of operating funds; the obligations of collection, debt payment, purchase, repair and liquidation of assets forming sources production, basic construction.
  • Making and monitoring the training contracts, scientific research, technology transfer and other services. Implementing funds management terms of the university
  •  Implementing accounting activities. Guiding regulations on accounting and documents of the state of financial management, financial test for independent accounting unit of the  university. Building a financial mechanism for the affiliate program, the activities with revenues outside the State budget.
  • Implementing the financial publicity under the current regulations to meet the requirements of the Ministry and the competent authorities on financial reporting, statistical reporting, inspection, examination, audition , preservation and storage of documents, accounting records under regulations of the  state and the university
  • Financial management and assets of the university; Coordinating with office of service management and units to inventory assets as prescribed.
  • Implementing other duties related to the functions assigned by the rector.

3. Duties of staffs  of the finance and planning office .



 Full name


Tel Email



Assoc Prof. Dr.

Dinh Ngoc Lan

1. In charge of general management of all affairs of the office.

2. Assigning work to each members.

3. Developing  human resources and Party.

4. In charge of the planning  and development strategy.

5. Consulting and building regulations of financial management and allocation of financial resources, documents, contracts.



Deputy Manager/director

Chief Accountant

Ngo Thi Huong

1. Deputy Chief and Chief Accountant, Performing the duties of chief accountant.

2. In charge of work related to  accounting  and statistics.

3. Reporting on the financial status of the unit.

4. Controlling expenditure receipts.




General Accounting

BA. Pham Huu Phuoc

  • General accounts.
  • Registering and classifying documents.
  • Ledger, subsidiary ledger activities, other details.
  • Financial report.
  • Coordinate with MsHuong make assets report  at the end of the year.
  • Responsible for technical assistance to use accounting software for other accountants.
  • Performing other duties assigned by the Director and Deputy Director 



BA. Trinh Thi Minh Trang

  •  Paying expenses in cash;
  •  Collecting money atunits;
  •  Paying for scientific researches;
  •  Monitoring debts (receivable, payable, and advance);
  •  Performing other duties assigned by the Director and Deputy Director
0978 477 664;



BA. Pham Thi Ngan

  •  Paying and transacting with banks and treasury;
  •  Paying for scientific research
  •  Being in charge of union department;
  •  Performing other duties assigned by the Director and Deputy Director.



BA. Duong Thi Ninh

  •  Collecting tuition fees from regular and inter-graduate students;
  •  Settling with the tax authority for the receipts;
  •  Monitoring ITC’s programs (follow from beginning to the end and submit financial statements);
  •  Performing other duties assigned by the Director and Deputy Director.



BA. Ngo Thi Huong

  • Accounting for staffs’ salaries, insurance, and other regime;
  • Collecting contributions;
  • Accounting for Party fund;
  • Accounting for assets and materials;
  •  Performing other duties assigned by the Director and Deputy Director.



BA.Tran Thi Hanh Nguyen

  • Submitting monthly tax report to the tax authority;
  • Monitoring fee collection of language center;
  • Collecting postgraduate tuition fees ;
  • Undertaking  office stationery;



BA.Ngo Thai Ha

  • Collecting tuition fees from irregular students;
  • Undertaking clerical work;
  • Reporting receipts;
  • Performing other duties assigned by the Director and Deputy Director.


Planning officer

BA. Nguyen Binh Duong

  • Undertaking work related to plan ;
  • Undertaking  office’s website;
  • Collecting, managing, and updating all data on the facilities of the university;
  • Providing  technical assistance in using software and computers for staffs;
  • Assisting the Director  in compiling official documents, contracts, reports and monthly plans;
  • Performing other duties assigned by the Director and Deputy Director.


Contact Address:

Office of Planning and Finance

Thai Nguyen University of Agriculture and Forestry

Quyet Thang Ward, Thai Nguyen City

Tel: (0280) 6285012 / Email :



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