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Professor Marcel Morales shares the bright idea when Math came to Origami

According to the invitation of TUAF, from 29 to 30/5/2015, Professor Marcel Morales of Mathematics Fourier Institute, Republic of France has come to visit, communicate and work very well with the Basic Science department and the Advanced Education Program of Thai Nguyen University of Agriculture and Forestry.

A workshop organized by the Faculty of  Basic Science and the Advanced Education Program TUAF

This is the fourth time the French Professor comes to work with TUAF. The last time was he visited to give a lecture for students of AEP of the university, and in addition, he also gave some lectures about Mathematics and history, for instance, the way people do mathematics in the old times, very useful, interesting and profound not only for students but also professors for the purpose of providing more interest and appreciation about scientific subjects which most of the times perceived to be boring and difficult to learn like Mathematics.

Coming to work with the Basic Sciences department and Advanced Education Program  of TUAF, this time Professor  Morales  spent time to give a workshop  about the coming of Mathematics  to Origami , the art of paper folding  which is a field that professor  is always passionate about. Origami as originally defined as Japanese art of paper folding, such as flapping birds, shapes, toys and others, but that is what Origami used to be, in the present times it becomes something else – art form, a form of sculpture through folding and how we create the form. The art has been around for hundreds of years as written in many references, but in the 20th century Akira Yoshizawa created thousands of new designs that leads to modern days Origami.

In this seminar, professors of  Mathematics subject have not only figured out the meaning  of Mathematics applications to such  art subject , but also learn the beauty of paper folding from basic cube  and shapes that is where underlies the magic  of  Origami. People apply mathematical principles to the art and that what has made it magical and truly amazing with respect to many laws of Mathematics, this turns out to be the secret to productivity to different subjects aside from art itself alone.  For example, like in the case of tetrahedron, octahedron, a cube with 12 star sides up to more than 200 sides object. At the same day in the afternoon, Professor Morales delivered a speech for students of Advanced Education Program and all of the professor and lecturers from the Basic Science department about "Mathematics application to the art of paper folding Origami". Despite the hot weather of 29/5, the temperature outside up to 39°C, still all the participants found their time of working with the ever full of spirit and ebullient Professor Morales and Mathematics lecturers who personally approached to each group of students and lecturers to explain about the details of Origami especially following the patterns very carefully and putting the patterns into a nice fold. There were a lot of AEP students who had an opportunity to study with Professor Morales some years ago got very excited when they met him again.

To work with Professor Marcel Morales from Paris, France is always a great opportunity for lecturers and students of TUAF to acquire the knowledge, training and additional professional skills using the wonders that Mathematics could bring to real world aside from art – in the areas of medicine, inside the human body, science and space, and the fact that Origami may someday even save a life and more according to famous Origamist Robert Lang.

Prepared by : Nguyen Vu Tuan Anh , Ha Thi Hong and Jimlea Nadezhda Mendoza K44 AEP Students.

Professor Marcel Morales , Professor Nguyen Thi Dung , Ms. Duong Ly Thi Thuy, Pham Thanh Hieu, Nguyen Thuy Linh , K44 AEP students Jimlea Nadezhda Mendoza, Ha Thi Hong, Nguyen Thi Van, and the International students from Indonesia Deasy, Amana, Ayu and Rizky were among the group of people who visited Chu Van An Secondary School and altogether with many others brought the idea when Math came  to Origami.

Chu Van An Secondary School students in actual trying out of the patterns, a cool way for a  small competition !

Professor Nguyen Thi Dung , Ms. Pham Thanh Hieu and lecturer from Chu Van An Secondary school checking out on the group of the students.

Prof. Nguyen Thi Dung and Some of the Indonesian Students of Advanced Education Program are guiding Chu Van An Secondary School creative students. 

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