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Signing of Contract between TUAF and VICKO

July 27,2012—Thai Nguyen University of Agriculture and Forestry (TUAF) signed record of cooperation with Vietnamese Community Knowledge joint Stock Company (VICKO) in terms of training and developing soft skills for TUAF’s students. Dr. Tran Van Dien - Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, the Principal; Assoc Pro, Dr. Tran Hue Vien – Vice Principal and the leaderships of Faculty of Basic Science took part in the ceremony.


Starting on the year 2012-2013, TUAF and VICKO will cooperate in training and improving the soft skills of TUAF’s students to help them manage, lead and interact with others  in order to accomplish an effective work in the future. Soft skills include communication skills, behavioral skills, listening skills, etc.

This training formed through an online program includes essential skill for student as effective study skills, presentation skills, listening skills, questioning skills, time management skills, writing dispatch skills, teamwork skills, setting target skills, planning skills, setting relationship skills, behaving skills, creative thinking skills…

Offline training program includes 12 essential soft skills to live, learn and work effectively, that are: college studying skills, creative thinking skills, communicating and behaving skills, personal leadership skills, planning and organizing work skills, listening skills, presentation skills, teamwork skills, problem solving skills, negotiation skills, time management skills and critical thinking skills. In addition, Classes will be divided according to model club like practice model of soft skills training for students and student leaders as the resource teacher in Thai Nguyen University of Agriculture and Forestry.

The fee  for the course is 350 000 000 VND/student. Students will receive a certification from Vietnamese Community Knowledge Joint Stock Company upon the completion of the program. The students who want to enroll in the training program can enroll at the Faculty of Basic Science Office, TUAF.

After discussion and agreements on the terms and conditions, the two parties finished the signing of contract of cooperation.



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