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Sixth Executive Forum on Leadership Excellence in Academe Program for Southeast Asia (LEAP SEA)

Forum on Leadership Excellence in Academe Program for Southeast Asia (LEAP SEA)was held on 26-30 January 2015 (5 days) | University of Battambang, Cambodia. The program aims to:

1.      Provide a learning forum where significant new knowledge about leadership in and management of higher education, especially those in agriculture, may flow between experts and senior or mid-level executives of higher education institutions in the SEAMEO member countries.

2.      Provide an opportunity for academic executives to reflect on their common contemporary challenges and suggest appropriate solutions in higher education leadership/management in Southeast Asia.

3.      Invite writing of LEAP SEA cases as knowledge and learning resources appropriate for Southeast Asia.

LEAP SEA is offered to leaders, particularly those in their first year or first term of administration, of tertiary and post-graduate academic institutions in agriculture, forestry, or environmental studies in Southeast Asian countries.

The Sixth LEAP SEA Executive Forum will cover the following modules:

Module 1: The Environment of Higher Education Institutions in Agriculture in Southeast Asia (Analysis of External Factors – challenges of the 21st century impinging on higher education institutions, and development and practices across the globe, with focus on what is relevant for Southeast Asia.

Module 2: Challenges, Issues, and Opportunities: Strategic Positioning of HEIs in Agriculture and Southeast Asia (Analysis of Issues Internal to Higher Education Circles) – principles and process of strategic planning and management, pointing out the importance for each HEI to be clear on its niche or strategic positioning.

Module 3: Managing Instruction – issues and principles in managing academic programs in agriculture with innovative curricula/content, delivery approaches, organization and administration, and overall design that are highly responsive to 21st century realities of Southeast Asian HEIs.

Module 4: Managing Research and Extension – concepts and principles of managing research and extension, cognizant of the challenges faced by HEI executives in agriculture in Southeast Asia, with model cases or practices.

Module 5: Managing Change and Conflict in HEIs in Agriculture – change management concepts and principles, with specific cases.

Module 6: Generating and Managing Resources in HEIs in Agriculture – exceptional case on resource generation and management in higher education in agriculture.

Module 7: Academic Leadership Principles and Practices – managerial leadership principles and practices appropriate in an academic context.

 On behalf of Thai Nguyen University of Agriculture & Forestry, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen The Hung – Vice Rector attended this Forum and delivered a presentation.

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