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[Spring School] Sustainability and Tourism Protected Area Management

[Spring School] Sustainability and Tourism Protected Area Management

Sustainable Development offers the best solution to live in the changing world in the most responsible way. Dr. Wilhelm Steingrube, an expert and geographer from University of Greifswald delivered the course to K44 and K45 students of the Advanced Education Program, International Training and Development Center of Thai Nguyen University of Agriculture and Forestry. The course involved topics on Sustainability and Tourism, Protected Area Management and Sustainable Development. Dr. Steingrube gave students ideas about many international organizations, opportunities from Tourism in Protected Areas, Responsible tourism in Vietnam and the core of responsible tourism is Sustainable Tourism Development as per ESRT, 2014 : 27– Progress in tourism that meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. The mentioned facts are vital in establishing strategies and working procedure for Tourism Development Plan, this allowed students to improve the understanding on tourism destinations of the country and how these beautiful spots can be enhanced and provide many opportunities for the growth and development of the country wherein the environment, society and economy will get its most benefits following the concept and principles of sustainability.

The students were able to acquire understanding on the involvement of all stakeholders mainly national government agencies, policy makers, local government units, business owners, NGOs, organizations and most especially local communities in the planning processes in the promotion of balance in all areas involved.

Prof. Steingrube with AEP students

According to the report of Vietnam National Administration of Tourism, the country  has many world heritage places, national parks, biosphere reserves, national heritage sites, intangible cultural heritage forms and global geological parks which are all contributing to national economic development and are subject to many segments of tourism such as nature, cultural, Leisure and Entertainment, Health and Wellness and Education Tourism and must be all continuously manage in a more sustainable ways in order to optimize benefits and environmental services it will offer and managing the risks to ensure its ability to function in future generations. The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Vietnam stated that Vietnam involves Research and Development in order to achieve more developments and towards success towards sustainability due to the fact that it indeed offers solutions to many challenges our world is facing now.    


Prepared by: Jimlea Nadezhda A. Mendoza

K44 AEP Student- ITC, TUAF

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