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Student exchange program between TUAF and Regional Universities

Recently, TUAF has signed MOUs & MOAs with various universities in the region such as Thailand, the Philippines, Indonesia and Laos in terms of Research & Development (R&D), scholar and student exchange programs, sandwich study program,…

As part of the above mentioned collaboration activities, in the first semester of 2012-2013, TUAF initiated a student exchange program with two partner universities in Indonesia, namely Sriwijaya University and Sebelas Maret University. Two and three students from the respective universities have come to TUAF and commenced their studies for one semester, while 5 students from TUAF were dispatched to study at the two universities early this September.

The new Indonesian students were warmly welcomed by University staff and students upon their arrival. The accommodation and course enrollment were quickly arranged and guided for the students to settle down and participate in the courses of the AEP program.

They seemed to be very happy with the living and learning environment at TUAF and expressed their intension and expectation to go back for implementation of their thesis project in the final year. Despite a rather short period of studies at the university, they would like to have an opportunity to participate in some running research projects that the AEP students are conducting. These have shown their willingness and motivation for studies and promising future cooperation activities between TUAF and the partner universities in the region.

Welcome dinner with participation of international students and TUAF lecturers

The Indonesian students quickly got along well with other Vietnamese and international students at the AEP program. Besides the regular coursework, training and seminars, several non-teaching and socialization activities such as international night, performance, multicultural dinner, and picnic have been planned for this semester to strengthen the relationship among students and enhance experience sharing in their studies and life.

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