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Students from Thai Nguyen University of Agriculture and Forestry go to Agrostudies Center for the Israel Internship Program

On September 12th 2017, fifteen students of Thai Nguyen University of Agriculture and Forestry (TUAF) start their internship at the Agrostudies Center - Israel for 11 months

The Agrostudies Center is located in the north of Israel with the weather and climate conditions similar with the South of Vietnam. Students who come to the Agrostudies Center will have the opportunity to work with a variety of crops, such as orange, tangerine, litchi, avocado, banana as well as flower and seedling…. This experience will help them to acquire practical knowledge from their work and this is also a foundation to form the ideas of ​​starting a business in the future.

Students take part in the internship at the Agrostudies Center - Israel in 2017

Every year, TUAF send students for abroad internships, we always have a program coordinator to take students to the airport as well as assist and guide them to check-in in order to have a convenient and safe flight. In particular, this time, the group of students had more time to learn English individually with a foreign teacher - Ms. Jenny. Although not a long time, through the lessons, Ms. Jenny and her students felt close and she also went to the airport to give them farewell hugs, wishes for success and reunion appointment after 11 months.

The coordinator program and teacher saw students off at the airport

Students participate in the internship program will go to work for 05 days at the farm and 01 day at school. During the course, they will study all subjects that related to agriculture in English without the interpreter. At the same time, they also have the opportunity to meet and exchange with the other foreign trainees from Nepal, Ecuador, Nigeria, Philippines ... This is the ideal international environment for students to cultivate and improve their English.

The programmers are very hopeful of the internship at Agrostudies Center this year. Because this is the year which marking the return of internships of Vietnamese students after an interruption. They will be the messengers, the face of TUAF at the  Agrostudies Center in 2017. Wish them to keep the spirit of solidarity, positive thinking and constantly learning to after 11 month so that they will get useful knowledge from Israel - a "Start-up Country". Last but not least, we wish you to have more international friends and leave a good impression on them as well as Agrostudies Center.

Here are the latest pictures of the work and the life of the TUAF’s students after the first week in Israel:

Outside the resident of female students

Activities of male students at litchi farm

Male students work at litchi and avocado farm


Going to beach together at the sunset


The first meal in Israel

Author: Mai Thu - ITC

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