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Students from Thai Nguyen University of Agriculture and Forestry go to Queenland for Australia Internship Program

In the last two months, the Australia internship department - the International Training and Development Center (ITC) has assisted in the procedure and instructed 14 students to join the paid internship in Queenland, Australia for 12 months.

During their internship in Australia, students will practice at banana farms for export in the region of Queenland. They will participate in the work in the workshop from preliminarily processing, packaging, producing as well as working outdoors with the steps such as: caring, banana harvesting, etc. With 12 months of experience in the international work environment, students will be delivered daily in English with native speakers as well as trainees from other countries such as Japan, Taiwan, other countries in Europe ... and have many opportunities to learn advanced agricultural techniques from their country - This is a program that gives students the conditions to improve foreign languages, working experience in the international environment and at the same time accumulate a start-up capital source for the future of about 300-500 million after returning the program.

Here are some photos at Noi Bai airport of the students going to Australia in the last few months:

Taking picture with family and friends at the airport

Students leaving in January, 2018

Program officer taking the student to the airport on 28.02.2018

Group of students leaving on 19.3.2018

After arriving in Australia, the students will take a break at the hotel booked in Cairns and complete the necessary formalities while living in Australia such as bank cards, phone number, bus tickets before goving to the farm. Students are provided with adequate accommodation and receive a wage of 18AUD to 22AUD per hour for working 40 hours per week. Wage will be paid weekly for students to spend on daily living expenses such as renting, meals, Internet ... and they can save some money when returning to Vietnam.

Students get used to the habitat in Queenland, Australia

Through our paid internship program in Australia, the ITC Center expects you to be united and try your best to promote the spirit of the Vietnamese people away from home. When living in a new environment, please obey the requirements of the program as well as the law of the country so that international friends have a good impression on Vietnamese students. In Vietnam - this also contributes to the opening of more internship to Australia for future students. Thai Nguyen University of Agriculture and Forestry and the ITC Center wish them all to complete the internship program and have more enjoyable experiences in the beautiful land of kangaroos.

Mai Thu, ITC

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