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Students go to the Internship in Germany in 2018

In April and May, the International Development and Training Center (ITC) of Thai Nguyen University of Agriculture and Forestry has sent students to the Federal Republic of Germany to participate in an on job training program at the agricultural farm for six months.

In each flight, the staffs of the International Development and Training Center is always at the airport to assist students in completing the airport procedures and to guide them through the journey. Flights to Germany are safe and most convenient.

Phan Thanh Hang took photographs with her family and friends at the airport

The farewells takes place in a warm, intimate atmosphere between family, relatives and friends of students as well as a little sad feeling as each student is about to leave relatives, Vietnam for long time. Especially, in the framework of expanding many opportunities for students to participate in the program, in 2018, ITC has received more profiles of foreign students currently studying at Thai Nguyen University of Agriculture and Forestry joined into this program. Students coming from some countries like Laos, Philippines, Indonesia....choose the program to have the opportunity to visit this beautiful European country and all of them are guided in the process of completing the profile, procedures in Vietnam as well as in Germany as other Vietnamese students.

Ms. Tounaly Xayasen (Lao students) - students of Advanced Education Program of Thai Nguyen University of Agriculture and Forestry at the airport

A photo with Thao Nguyen and her family

In the European Union (EU), German agriculture is one of the top developing countries with high quality and agricultural products are safe for consumers and friendly to the environment. During the internship period, students will be working on farms of vegetables or flowers, fruit trees in the greenhouse with modern machinery systems and working directly with other interns as well as with indigenous people in Germany. This is a great opportunity for students to learn, to accumulate more advanced technology in farming and to improve their working experience which develop themselves and have a better future.

Tounaly Xayasene took photograph at the airport on her way to Germany

Apart from studying and practicing at the farms, students have the chance to visit other European Union countries such as Italy, Czech Republic, France. This makes it possible for students to have more interesting experiences in different countries and improve their language skills through communication with many international friends.

Tounaly's first image in Germany

Phan Thanh Hang's holiday

Each time we go along with the students to the airport and witness they  have to say goodbye to their families to their beloved people which makes us feel very reassured and moved. Being distant always brings sad emotions, but sometimes it helps them to grow older, stronger and stronger when thay return. Trips that start with cultural, linguistic or occupational differences are unavoidable, but let the students be strong and resilient to overcome the difficulties and challenges. Wish you have a meaningful experience and complete a good Internship program in beautiful Germany.

Discovering beautiful Europe, experiencing a variety of cultures, accumulating the practical experience of working at an agricultural farm is certainly the dream of many Agricultural students. Learn English well, exercise and improve your knowledge of German, Germany and register to participate in the program to dream that will not just think through the students. Students who want to learn more about the program can visit the link below for more information: http://thuctapsinhtuaf.edu.vn/index.php?com=group&gro=10.

Author: Thu Thao

Post by: Mai Thu, ITC

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