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As the beginning of the year, I want to greet everyone a Happy New Year and Wishing Good Luck to everyone. I am Francis Sta. Ana from the Philippines, a student of Agricultural Economics in Advanced Education Program of Thai Nguyen University of Agriculture and Forestry.

I want to share my experience as an amateur to observe Tet Holiday outside of my country in light of the fact that in the Philippines, we have this sort of custom too as we commend two sorts of New Year which are the typical one which was praised far and wide and another was the Chinese New Year as we recognize the nearness of all Chinese in our nation to give regard for their own conventions. Typically, what I'm doing on this sort of activities I commend it with my family and companions esteeming each minute prior to the school year begins. This happened each year so it moves toward becoming standards to our family so by one way or another it's somewhat exhausting.

As foreigner student I making the most of my Tet Holiday with the Family of Mr. Tuyen Ha in Vin Phuc Province and travelled with friends in Hanoi which gave me a wide open experienced here in Vietnam. As should be obvious Vietnamese gives so much neighborliness, hospitality and warm-inviting to the foreigners, they served the best food, settlement and they even endeavored to communicate in English or turn gradually their own language for me to comprehend what they attempting to state. The Family I am with is anxious to share the custom of Vietnam, for instances they show me how to make Bánh chưng which is a conventional Vietnamese rice cake which is produced using glutinous rice, mung beans, pork and different fixings. Likewise, I saw a customary method for cooking of Vietnamese were they will search for a chicken all alone poultry at that point slaughter it by the most established in the Family then later on served in the supper, I was truly stunned that minute when they tore the neck of the chicken and the blood comes up short on its assortment. Yet I can say that the food I am eating is spotless in light of the fact that I know how they raised all animal at being served on the table.

Hanoi, the Capital Region of Vietnam. This becomes my second destination for Tet Holiday. What my friends and I did here is to visit lots of souvenir shops and night market to buy some stuff that we can share off to our friends. The life in Hanoi is quiet expensive for food but for accommodation and souvenir shops it is cheap. So, it is a worth going for. Next  month if I have free time I  want to visit the Vietnam National Museum of History to know such more about the history of my beloved second country, Vietnam. I am wishing for more great opportunities and experiences to visit and conquer the whole Vietnam soon.

(Source: aep.tuaf.edu.vn)



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