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The English week 2015 builds friendship, goodwill and success!

The event was organized by the Advanced Education Program students of the International Training and Development Center, Thai Nguyen University of Agriculture and Forestry held at Hall A on May 8-9, 2015.

Dr. Nguyen The Hung, the  hard working, optimistic, our very kind  , intelligent and helpful Vice Rector of TUAF - gave the crowd an opening speech and expressed his sincerest gratitude to the organizers of the event. The next speech was delivered by the industrious, very supportive and helpful  Dr. Duong Van Thao, Vice Director of ITC and coordinator of AEP.

Dr. Nguyen The Hung, Vice Rector of TUAF

Dr. Duong Van Thao, Vice Director of ITC and coordinator of AEP

The masters of ceremony are Jimlea Nadezhda Mendoza from Philippines and Nguyen Vu Tuan Anh from Vietnam (both are student leaders of the ITC English Club) who also lead the organization of the event with the full support of the Advanced Education Program office of ITC – TUAF , many international students from Philippines, Laos and Indonesia and many volunteers from Vietnamese students. 

Jimlea Nadezhda Mendoza and Nguyen Vu Tuan Anh

There were many students and faculty members from Water Resources University in Hanoi who celebrated the special event with the students of TUAF and also student researchers from Sweden namely Olli Sammalisto and Zanna. They supported the activity since the planning and preparations together with other students of AEP. They were included among the judges of some contests during the celebration of the event. Many of the students belong to ITC English Club, Vietnamese and International students established the organization which has been an easy and amazing way for students socialize with other students in English. With the aim to set a special club in which members feel like they really belong to their family-like group and become close to the other members  in a long-time to extend both its range and quality, improving each other skills not only in speaking English but also some other skills as well. Building close and friendly atmosphere among everybody. Most especially this is to further help students of Thai Nguyen University of Agriculture and Forestry in preparing for the future profession in meeting  the challenging issues concerning with agriculture , forestry and environmental protection of our countries and in national and in a global context.

Many performances from the very talented students of AEP were presented . There were different song and dance numbers given by selected international and Vietnamese students which were enjoyed by everybody in the audience.

The event was officially opened with a modern dance number given by  Filipino students team up with  Vietnamese students of AEP. The contests are Vocal Solo, Drawing or poster making contest, Essay writing , Mr. and Ms. English week, Public speaking, spelling bee and a special camping activity arranged by international students from Philippines, Laos, Indonesia and especially one camp where students from the visitor students and faculty members from Water Resources University from Hanoi where many students of the university participated and joined the camping event.

The event started deeper friendship among the students which also serves as an inspiration and motivation for them to always do their best in everything that they do, they gathered strength to continue to contribute excellence to the university from the endless support of the officials and friends. The event was a success and really a beginning of brighter tomorrow, and indeed an event to cherish and worth remembering! 


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