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Training test management software-test online for teaching staff of TUAF

By the consent of the Party Committee and the administrators of Thai Nguyen University of Agriculture and Forestry(TUAF), last May 20, 2012,the Information Technology Department - Center for Foreign Languages Applied Informatics coordinated with Office of Inspection and Education Quality Assurance to transfer and train the test management software-TestOnline in the university.

It was attended by the member of the Board of Regents, particularly: Dr. Nguyen Duc Thanh- Chief of Office of Inspectation and Education Quality Assurance, MSc. Nguyen Hai Bang - Deputy Director of Center for Foreign Languages ​​Applied Informatics, MA. Pham Dinh Lam - IT Specialist of Information Technology Center of TNU-person in charge of the software management of member colleges of TNU who guided and transfered technology about TestOnline software, and teaching staffs from faculties and centers as representative for 33 departments of TUAF and people in charge of software management in TUAF.

As a guest speaker, Dr. Nguyen Duc Thanh emphasized the focus of scheme Implementation that Party Committee of TUAF proposed for  the period from 2012 to 2015 in order to improve the quality of education and training to meet the needs of society, followed Offical Dispatch No. 601/CV-TTKT on 20 June 2012 about the prescribed form of giving final exam in which 30% of all subjects used in the form of multiple-choice test.

The workshop took place in an atmosphere full of joy and excitement. MSc. Pham Dinh Lam presented and guided how to use the test management software Test Online that TNU provided to the member colleges. The twofold content: Part One is about TestOnline Client as Install software, compiling, packaging question bank; Part two is about  TestOnlien website including two modules: 1. Administration module and teachers module. In which Administration module has main functions as Importing and establishing relationships among  Science Departments, Center, classes, teachers, subjects and students; monitoring system and backup recovery. And teacher module has functions as Download the question bank on their subject teaching, out to; giving and taking exam; Monitoring the process of making all of the contestants & handling problems (examination, make-up exam,etc.); Examination question Management; Taking exam Management; Printing transcript ...

At the end of the workshop, the teachers practiced, and discussed some problems related to the software.


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