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TUAF holds awarding ceremony for slogan

TUAF holds awarding ceremony for slogan

Prof.Dr Tran Ngoc Ngoan, Associate Prof.Dr Tran Hue Vien - Vice Rector, Associate Prof.Dr Tran Van Phung – Vice Rector,Vice Head-Web Publication, members of the Web Publication, CTV website and the students took part in the said event.

The authors who were awarded in the competition

After six  months, the Organizing Committee received 226 compositions from the authors from the different regions of country. Some of them are from Ha Noi, BacGiang, TuyenQuang, Ha Giang... it is an illustration from the teachers, alumni, current student s and the readers who wished to develop the University.

At the end of the elimination round, 50 compositions were selected to participate in the final round (first time were 35 compositions, the second time were 15 compositions), then the Organizing Committee selected 3 excellent slogans and mercantile firms to survey the teachers’ opinion in entire the University.

Lastly, the slogan that was chosen was: ”Thai Nguyen University of Agriculture and Forestry – Advance knowledge – Patching up the Wings for future” by Luu Thi Dung (K43 student under the faculty of Veterinary Medicine ). The author also mentioned about the meaning of the slogan which is:” Thai Nguyen University of Agriculture and Forestry is an institution that teaches many people to develop their talents and sense of leadership, and the best place to train the students in the mountainous area of North Viet Nam. She also mentioned that  the university  aims to cultivate the knowledge of the students  in their major fields, mode of life, and it is the boat that will take the students to their desire as the university patches up their wings for the future.

Author LuuThi Dung

The slogan ”Thai Nguyen University of Agriculture and Forestry – a sustainable Agriculture” by Le Thi May – K43 the faculty of Agricultural Education received the second rank and the slogan “Thai Nguyen university of Agriculture and forestry – the originating place of the dreams” by Pham Ngoc Quy – K41 the faculty of Agricultural Education was granted the third rank.

Assoc. Prof.Dr Tran Hue Vien – Vice Rector awarded the second rank for Le Thi May

Assoc. Prof.Dr Tran Van Phung – Vice Rector awarded the third rank for Pham Ngoc Quy

All of the slogans demonstrated and reflected the vision and mission of the University in the current period and in the future. The slogan that received the excellent reward will be advertised, introduced on mass media as well as on the university website by the Organizing Committee.

The goal of the action is to improve the advertisement and development of the  Thai Nguyen University of Agriculture and Forestry in 2012 and the period 2012 – 2015 respectively. It also aims to build up the University to become the best training centre for science and technology researches in the region and the top in the country.

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