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TUAF’s students’ On-the-Job Training at International Agricultural Center AICAT, Israel 2012

In the framework of cooperation between TUAF and International Agricultural Research Center Agrostudies and Aicat, Israel in 2012, the University interviewed and chooses 127 students for this program, in which 100 students will practice at AICAT and 27 students at Agrostudies. Students practicing at AICAT are divided 4 trip below:

8/13/2012: 18 students hit the road to apprenticeship at AICAT Center

8/27/2012: 40 students hit the road to apprenticeship at AICAT Center

9/3/2012: 20 students hit the road to apprenticeship at AICAT Center

9/4/2012: 22 students hit the road to apprenticeship at AICAT Center

Students are taken to the airport and procedure by staff of TUAF.

Since 2006, the University only have 6 targets to send professional practicum at Agrostudies Center, Israel. But now TUAF is evaluated as one of Universities having best quality apprenticeship students in Israel. So with the help of Embassy of Israel in Vietnam, TUAF signed a cooperation program with International Agricultural Center AICAT, Israel 2011, contribute to number of student professional practice in Israel increased four time compared to the previous year.

Before heading to Israel, students are required to participate in English training course with Vietnamese and foreign teachers. They also participate in programs such as orientation and counseling needed to live and work abroad. One more interesting thing of this program is meeting and exchanging experiences with older apprenticeship students from all over the world who could help them to be more efficient in their future careers.

Content of apprenticeship program in Israel:

            Apprenticeship training program includes agricultural theory and practice training. This program lasts 10 to 11 month, including (a) 1 day study theory; visit and professional guidelines, (b) 5 day work and practice in agriculture include professional guidelines, for one week. For Professional practicing goal, students will be working as agriculturists. Practice working is limited to the jobs of workers in agriculture.

            Exchange apprenticeship student program is really a good opportunity for the students to be trained and apply their knowledge learned in the classroom into the actual field. Living and working in Israel will help students to become more matured and confident as they  come back home. Opportunity to work in the state agencies and non-governmental organizations will open new doors for their future careers.

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