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Vermicompost project

Vermicompost project has been done by a group of Advanced Education Program (AEP) students in Thai Nguyen University of Agriculture and Forestry with a group of Indonesian students.

From November 2012 until January 2013, those students had come to check and to build example models and propagandize applying Vermicompost in production in Nga My commune and Phu Binh district, Thai Nguyen province. This activity also brought opportunities to students and was assumed as a mark of education for AEP students in particular and TUAF students in general. Looking at education management aspect, this project got some achievements:

1. Education mark

Vermicompost project has done by K42 -AEP students of TUAF whose main study is Environmental Science and Management. Although a small project done by a very good student group, this project has brought to us a new view of activeness in social work for students. Within 3 years of study, the students had to adapt with new study environments which are high education study environment and international study environment (particular of AEP), to understand about major study and work after graduating, after that, students will build up their own environmental awareness. The result after 3 years of study is that the AEP students are more active and be able to organize themselves volunteering activities contributing to the development of society.   

Students involved in the biofertilizer production
2. Raising awareness about social issues and  ability of applying knowledge to real life

Raising social issues awareness among students is highly appreciated for the society’s complete and sustainable development. Vermicompost project can be an example. This project in the other places mostly focuses on increasing productivity by salvaging manure and other agriculture waste in local area. This is clearly analyzed by agronomy students but they have not studied in environmental aspect. Increasing social issues awareness and ability of applying studied knowledge to real life will bring to students opportunity to practice thinking systematically and study cooperation

Conducting experiments 

3. Ability organizing outdoor activities and social activities

Nowadays, students in TUAF in particular and students in TNU in general still lack of activeness. Almost social activities is organized by Youth Union or School staff and those activities are usually suitable for major students and run in large scale, therefore they have not brought into play the strength of major study of students. That’s why currently many students graduate with excellent or good certificates but get difficulties in getting job or if none, they still have to be retrained by the company. Outdoor activities run by students are very necessary for study progress. There is still one more difficulty that is not easy to be solved by students. That is organizing issue. Vermicompost has been run under instruction of Mr Tuan, coordinator of AEP but it still needs leadership skill for student leader. Nguyen Hong Kien- AEP class monitor standing as the leader of this project has done this well. He also classified students into groups and managed their work and the relationship among those groups. After finishing project, we can see all those students are ready to do another project and to be the leader for their own project. This is the biggest achievement from this Vermicompost project.

Visiting Vermicompost model

4. Success in getting funding from Non-Governmental Organisations (NGO)          

Success in getting scholarships or funding is always impossible thing for almost students. Most of students do not aware about this or if they do, they still think it is out of their hand. This becomes the fact for major group of students. Getting funding from non-government organization especially foreign NGO as Green Generation Network partly made AEP students more confident in finding chances and funding sources from NGO. However, for widening or changing basically minds of TUAF students in particular and TNU in general, we need helps from administration and management agency from TUAF and TNU.
Success of Vermicompost project has been giving to students a lot of experience and also giving to education managers the other view and expectation for an active, creative and helpful student generations
Here are some photos of memorable activities when doing Vermicompost project:
 A trip coming to Dong Anh, Ha Noi for study about technology, worm and benefit from Vermicompost. This group of student had driven motorbikes to each household and got back home at 11:00pm
Huy and Chengtor are preparing raw materials to put inside boxes while the other students are focusing on transferring boxes
This is a day when a group of student went to Mr. Khoai’s house for recording video which will deliver to the farmer in Phu Binh
Thinh and some other students are sampling Vermicompost model to farmers
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