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Women Forum Singapore: Women-Led Start-Up Pitch Contest

Time: 12-14 Sep 2018

Supporting Women entrepreneurship is key to building an inclusive innovative world across ASEAN. Our mission with Women’s Forum Singapore is to contribute to strengthening women’s economic empowerment by improving access and support in building and developing their own ideas. Among the identified barriers blocking women to undertake and succeed in building a company is the lack of access to finance and markets, as well as limited education and training in starting, managing, and growing a business.

Within the event of the Women’s Forum Singapore, we wish to organize in partnership with INSEAD and Facebook Singapore a parallel event to the conference. The purpose of this event is to help a selected number of women-led start-ups in ASEAN to achieve success in developing their innovative ideas, building their networks and their brands, their soft-skills, and bringing them to pitch in front of a distinguished jury and audience.

How to apply?

You are the founder of a start-up at an early stage and wish to apply?

You will need:

  • To publish online a 3-minute video pitch
  • Answer the following questions (150 characters maximum):
  • Why are you building this company?
  • What challenges does your product or service solve?
  • Why is now the right time to build this start-up?
  • What is your main objective within the next year, and how do you plan to achieve it
  • Why is your team the right one to do it?

For more information, please see at the link: https://wfsingapore-pitchcontest.com/

Chung Trinh


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