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Yearbook Class K42A CTTT

The Advanced Education Program started at Thai Nguyen University of Agriculture and Forestry in 2010. The Program is a cooperated training program with University of California at Davis, USA (UC Davis). The University of California at Davis- United States (UC Davis) is ranked 50th in the University of the world and ranked 42 in US University.


* In 4 years student English, environment science, which all classes are taught in English, by Professors of U.C Davis Professors and Vietnam faculty teaching 100% English from the basic subjects such as Math, Physics, Chemistry and Specialized subjects.

Students are given training English 1 years before starting the course.

The end of the 1st: English’s student is standard input is 450 on TOEFL score will be actively learning English.

My class photo

* Some foreigner will come and teach for us. Examples: Ms Kieu- U.S, Mr Dave- Australia, they taught for us in 1styear.

* Have the opportunity to study and live with American faculty and students abroad.

* Because the advanced program gives us modern equipment, we can discuss, and participate in extracurricular activities.


This program is supported by the State (65%) and school funding (20%) and student pay a little more 700,000 VND per month (15%).

Benefits of students and Scholarships

* Student studying advanced program regulations entitled for scholarship under the regulations of the Ministry of Education and Training and other scholarship sources.

* Students with good academic results have the opportunity to study at the Universityof California, Davis

 * Students are training graduate degree and special priority to introduce post graduate study abroad.

Some of the Teachers and Staffs

Ms. Kieu,

Full name: Le Thi Kieu

English name: Heidi

Age : 23

Ms. Kieu taught us EFC and nonteaching activities. She is beautiful and she is a good teacher. She helped us a lot in learning and in the life, and we are very grateful and love her for what she has done for us. Thanks so much! We hope that you can stay longer to continue teach and help us!

Ms. Barbara

Mr. Sami

This is Ms. Barbara and Mr. Sami, they are very funny and friendly. They taught us nonteaching activities, as well as Ms. Kieu. Sami and Barbara helped us a lot, and they are like our brother and our sister. Although they taught us for a short time, it was a beautiful time. And although they do not teach for us anymore, we will remember them forever! I think in the future, we can meet them, may be in Finland or Switzerland!!!!

Thanks you very much!!

This is Mr. Dave, he is a funny teacher. He taught us about pronunciation, his lessons were fun and rewarding, he is a good teacher and we loved him!

And in the advanced program, we have some staffs.They are Mr. Linh, Mr. Hung, Ms. Lan hương, Ms. Thanh Huong, Ms. Hoa, Mr. Minh, and Ms. Giang. They are amazing teachers, helped us a lot in the learning English. So, I want say thanks to all the teachers in the advanced program, thank you so much!!!!


The teachers: Sami, Barbara and Heidi

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