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Youth of Thai Nguyen University of Agriculture and Forestry respond to the campaign "Youth and cultural communication"

September 9th, Thai Nguyen provincial delegation in collaboration with Traffic Safety Board- Provincial Police and Thai Nguyen University of Agriculture and Forestry held the propagation in response to the campaign "Youth and cultural traffic" at the University of Agriculture and Forestry.

Attending the ceremony were representatives from the Provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department, leaders representing Provincial Police, Provincial Traffic Safety Board; Board of Directors of Thai Nguyen University and numerous youth and students in the province. Dr. Tran Van Phung, Vice Principal of the University also took part in the said activity.

The campaign focused mainly on three points: youth actively mobilize all people to learn and raise awareness and rightly done in the provisions of law in the field of traffic; young leaders to take the lead in building behaviours, and cultural gestures when participating in traffic. The Youth Union, Youth council and youth members throughout the province actively lobbying organizations, individuals and the social forces participate in the maintenance and construction of public transport and the specific activities. Campaign about  "Youth and cultural traffic" and the construction, establishment of models, youth teams participate in traffic safety are a specific practical activities of the Union and Thai Nguyen youth union to continue to promote the dissemination activities, to raise awareness observance traffic safety laws in the union, youth, students, students in the province, and welcome Congress of Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union XIII and National Congress X.

After the ceremony, the units of the 9th district and union in the province will launch a campaign to union members, youth, pupils, students; effective implementation of the campaign, contributing to mitigate traffic accidents, maintain order and safety  traffic in the province.

At the ceremony, representatives of units of the 9th district, city union in the province had committed to respond to the implementation of the campaign "Youth and cultural traffic" and established 5 models of traffic safety in the province.

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